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Are we all digital artists now?

23 Nov

There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst artists about the use of technology, and by technology I mean computer technology, within artistic practice.

I’ve been involved in a number of discussions recently where artists say that they use technology as a tool and this makes them a digital artist.

It doesn’t though, does it?

Taking a photograph with a digital camera isn’t digital art, it’s photography. There is nothing wrong with being a photographer. I love photography. It is a valid art form. But using a digital camera doesn’t make it ‘digital art’ or ‘media art’ or whatever is the current term we should be using to name the form.

Using Photoshop to make a collage from a variety of images doesn’t make it digital art. It’s collage. There is nothing wrong with collage. I love collage. It is a valid art form. But using Photoshop instead of paper and scissors doesn’t make it digital art.

Creating work from scratch, writing software to generate sonic or visual works or an installation is digital art (or media art or computer art, etc). There have been artists pioneering this art form for decades.

Here are some artists who use technology to create work.