This is the start of something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve tweeted about things I’ve seen and linked to posts or articles I like, but feel it’s time to take the bull by the horns and start to post myself. The real test comes in doing it for oneself.

I enjoy seeing art work created using science and technology and there is a growing interest in science and technology  by artists but it’s still seen as a marginalised form. When I studied for my MA in Digital arts over 15 years ago, we thought then that we were on the cusp of the exponential curve but truth to tell there have been artists using technology in some form or other for decades, even centuries, and as technology has progressed so has the art form.

What I love about artists using technology is the fact that they are not constrained by what technology can currently do, they are always searching to push boundaries and it irritates me when people say (and they have said it!) that artists utilise gaming technology.

No they don’t.

The good ones don’t at any rate. For example, good artists were using technology that is now employed by the gaming industry, years before anyone thought gestural interaction was possible. The Wii has artists to thank for the initial development of their money spinning interaction technology.

Science and art has been championed by the Wellcome Trust in an effort to engage the wider public with science and the interest in science by artists has grown beyond the Wellcome’s funding stream, though it is still a major source of innovation and inspiration.

There is good and bad art out there in any form but this is an attempt to draw attention to the good stuff. The work created by artists with genuine interest and integrity. Nowadays anyone thinks that they can be an artist, but it takes skill, imagination and hard work to come up with truly inspirational work.


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